Standard 3 Inch

The art of concealed carry with tac rail accessories attached.  Springtac Holsters are different by design.  We have taken away the limits of ordinary holsters and given you the ability to choose. 

At Springtac Holsters we have worked hard to make concealed carry of your tac rail weapon easy. A tac rail is worthless if you’re not going to use it Then again, why would you put anything on your tac rail if you can’t carry it, conceal it, and have it there when you need it? Springtac Holsters, opening a whole new world of concealed carry with tac rail accessories attached.

We have gotten away from the traditional bucket with a strap holster system.  Our 3 inch Standard allows you to carry a standard size weapon, including compacts, with a barrel length of up to 4 1/2 inches.  In addition you will be able to attach any accessory you want to your weapon.  That’s right, laser sight, tac light, or combo units. What ever you feel like gives you the advantage when it’s go time.

Also, Springtac Holsters are the only holster that will allow you to switch from like sized weapons whenever you want. Easily go from a 1911 to a Glock to a Sig to a Springfield to a …. 

Handmade custom bucket style holsters of this quality would usually run you up to $185.00 and take four to six weeks to make.  Even then you could only holster one specific weapon and accessory.

Fits: American Tactical FMK 9C1 Gen II – Beretta BU-9 Nano, PX4 Storm Type F, PX4 Storm Sub-Compact – Bersa Thunder 45 Ultra Compact Pro, Thunder Compact Pro, Thunder 40SW Ultra, Thunder 9mm,40 High Capacity Duotone, BP9CC Polymer Series, Thunder 380 Matte Kit w/LaserLyte Laser – Caracal F Standard and Quick Sight, C Standard and Quick Sight – CZ-USA CZ P06, CZ P01, CZ P07 – EEA Corp Tanfoglio Witness P Compact – FN FNS-9, 40, FNX-9,40 – Glock Gen 4 19, 19, 19C, 23, 23C, Gen 4 23, 32, 32C, Gen 4 32, G-26, Gen 4 26, 27, Gen 4 27, 38, G-29, 29SF, 30, 30SF – HK USP Variant 1, USP Custom Combat, USP Compact Variant 1, P2000. P30, P30S, HK45C, P2000 SK LEM V2, P2000 SK V3 – Kel-Tec PMR-30 – Magnum Research Baby Eagle Fast Action, Baby Eagle II – Ruger P-Series, SR22PB Rimfire Pistol, SR9, KSR9, SR9B, BSR40, SR40, SR9C, SR40C – Sig Sauer P238, P250 Compact, P229, SP2022, P220 Compact and Carry – Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, M&P, M&P22, SD9VE, SD40VE, M&P9, M&P40, M&P Compact – Springfield XD, XD(M) not XD-S, X-Treme Duty, X-Treme Duty Sub Compact, 1911 Loaded Micro, 1911 Lightweight Champion – Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro, PT638 Pro SA, 24/7 Gen 2, 24/7 Gen3 Compact, PT809 Compact, PT809, PT809B, PT840, PT845, 740 Slim – Walther PPS, PPQ, PK380, P22

Barrel size

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