Springtac Holsters Shoulder Holster

Here it is, our long awaited shoulder holster.  This shoulder holster was designed from the ground up for one purpose   That was to allow the owners of a Springtac Holster the option of carrying their laser sighted weapon in a shoulder holster configuration. 

Read Gil Hormans review in American Rifleman here.

Over 250 hours in research and development.  

Sixty hours in engineering.  

Hundreds of dollars in material.           

If you have time here is a humorous story from our blog.


Springtac Holsters laser sight sholuder holster

Springtac Holsters laser sight sholuder holster

 What We Set Out To Do.

First and foremost was to be able to use the open bottom

design that Springtac Holsters are known for.


We wanted to be able to accommodate ALL past production of Springtac Holsters Standards.

We wanted comfort.

And of course, flexibility.



What We Got Was.

Springtac Holsters shoulder holster with lift assist.

Springtac Holsters shoulder holster with lift assist.

  • A shoulder holster designed for  use with Springtac Holsters Standard line of laser sight holsters.
  • Lift assist reduces the weight of your weapon from your neck by 70%
  • Our lift assist also draws the weapon closer to your body for less printing.
  • Canted forward for a more natural grip.
  • Fully adjustable for fit and comfort.
  • Removes quickly
  • Holster can detach from the shoulder holster carry bracket to be worn Strong side, cross draw, or SOB.
  • Dedicated accessories available. 
  • Extra bracket available, which allows you to carry two weapons. One under each arm.
  • Right and left hand models available.
  • Available in black or brown.
  • MSRP should be under a hundred dollars with out holster.
  • As with all Springtac Holsters products Fully warranted and guaranteed.

Our Open bottom design is supported by a Kydex carry assist holster bracket.  This allows the holster to function normally while adding support and security.

With our shoulder holster you have the option of removing the holster from the holster bracket and carry your laser sighted weapon on your hip, under the belt or IWB.  This frees you from the inconvenience of having to wear a jacket all day.  You can now remove your coat when it gets too warm and still be able to conceal carry your laser sighted weapon.

In addition, you can remove the Springtac holster from your hip and easily clip it into the shoulder holster for driving making concealed carry more comfortable as well as improving access to your weapon

Springtac holsters lift assist

Springtac holsters lift assist

Lift assist cants your weapon forward for a more natural grip.Our lift assist reduces the weight of your loaded weapon off your neck. and shoulders by 70%.  Our lift assist also pulls the weapon inward which reduces printing, increases comfort, and improves access even when sitting.


Buy it here.







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