About Springtac Holsters

I am now in my fourth year of building concealed carry holsters. My return  rate continues to be less than 1 percent.  That means the product works.  You have nothing to lose because if for whatever reason my holster doesn’t work you can send it back.

Dedicated to the conceal carry of laser sighted, tac lighted, and holographic weapons.

I will not try to talk you into buying a laser sight, tac light, or holographic sight.  You will have to get to that level on your own and for your own reasons.  At Springtac Holsters I discuss and focus on one thing and one thing only.  Solid options as to how to conceal carry your weapon once you have decided to attach a laser sight or tac light, or even a holographic sight to it.

I approach the project differently by design.  If you can’t wrap your head around something different, this site or my products are not going to work for you. But, if you’re up for a new concept to an age old problem, keep reading. I don’t build a bucket with a strap, no mechanical gadget’s to fail, and we will not lock you into buying a new holster every time you change your weapon or accessory.

At Springtac Holsters I design our conceal carry laser sight, tac light, or holographic red dot holsters to fit a wide variety of weapons. I have a revolutionary and unique product. I use the finest materials, top grain leather, and highest quality finishes available. My products are Eco friendly, and best of all, made totally in the United States of America, by me, part time.  I am truly proud of my products and what they do. I monitor the market closely, buy in quantity, and do all I can to keep my prices as low as possible. Still, my holsters demand a higher price than other holsters because they are in every way custom. A Springtac Holster Second might be available for budget driven people. My holsters are reserved for those who appreciate value based on a different set of standards. You know who you are, and I welcome you to my family. Remember this, at Springtac Holsters I am totally committed to your satisfaction as a customer as well as a member of an elite family that has stepped up to the Springtac Standard of laser sight or tac light holsters.

A final note, really! I am not some big out of touch Company trying to make a buck.  If you have questions or concerns email me or use the contact us page.

I was once in your shoes.  I stepped up to sight assisted weapons for various reasons only to find out we could not find a holster to carry them, let alone concealed.  I spent a better part of a year perfecting our original concept.  It works and works well.  Hundreds and hundreds of people now use a Springtac Holsters every day to conceal carry their laser sighted, tac lighted, or holographic weapon.

I no longer accept credit cards, the raped me.  You can use PayPal or go to our amazon site if you have to use a credit card, Thanks

Also, thanks to Obamacare, I rarely answer the phone anymore.  So if you’re calling about Springtac Holsters leave a message, I’ll call you back. If you are from an insurance company or merchant services leave me alone.


Thanks for checking me out.

Email us at info@springtacholsters.com

Guns.com review from 

American Rifleman By B. Gil Horman

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