February, 2013

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Insanity at rest. Revisited.

Wow! I’m bushed. The shoulder holster is all but done. I’m thinking back now. It all started with a thought. To respond to customer demand we needed to build a shoulder holster. Simple. Easy money. Should be fun. Not!Never crossed our mind that we were actually doing something no one has ever done before. No one has had to build a shoulder holster exclusively for Springtac Holsters.

Nobody had to think about “Hey, if we have a holster that has an open bottom design, and is designed to be worn under the belt for add security. How do we add security in a shoulder holster?

Nobody has had to make a single holster that could be worn as a shoulder holster in the morning when a jacket was a nice thing to have. And then, be able to switch it to under the belt when the temps rise and a tee shirt is all you can stand. Texans know what I’m talking about.

We had to learn how to cut and work with kydex. Lots of it. Buying it by the sheet.

Lift assist. No body that we know of has anything like it. Shoulder holster downside? Hang a three pound gun on one side and what do you suppose happens? That’s right, the thing is off balance. What do the other guys do? They either strap down on the opposite strap or tell you to carry a couple of loaded magazines to off set the weight. Either way all you really end up doing is doubling the perceived weight on your shoulder.

Our holster will work with every Springtac Standard we have ever built. That’s right even tough the Springtac Standard has evolved some over the last couple of years, all will fit into this shoulder holster.

We reviewed horizontal carry, vertical carry, FBI cant, and decided we we will cant for balance.

We addressed and decided that clothing manufactures are all anti gun activists. Why? They have the tendency to put belt loops in the worst possible place. Our shoulder holster lift assist has a notch that will get you just a little more room.

Buckles and hardware, rivets, barrel screws, and suspender clips were tried and tested. Decision? Security over convenience every time.

Leather, size’s, and adjust ability.

Over 200 hours in design. 65 hours in engineering. 50 hours in development. Countless hours in frustration. Back to square one, twice. Eight hours in the state of intoxication. Oh yeah, then there’s the costs.

Damn right I’m tired. So is Jim. But, we’re there. Within a week or so things will be running as if none of it ever happened. Boring and uneventful. Just like a airline flight should be. But, oh how I can’t wait. To be bored just looking for something to do.


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