November, 2012

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Another victory for gun owners

Illinois: Federal Court Upholds Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Awards the NRA $125,000 in Attorney’s Fees

Posted on November 21, 2012

On September 26, 2012 the United States District Court in the Northern District of Illinois awarded the National Rifle Association (NRA) $125,000 to reimburse it for attorney’s fees spent winning a lawsuit against the City of Chicago over a Chicago firearm ordinance on behalf of NRA member Shawn Gowder. In striking down the law, the Court held that the ordinance is unconstitutionally void for vagueness and also violates the plaintiff’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. A copy of the court filings in this case and the $125,000 check from the City of Chicago can be viewed here.


The NRA’s motion for attorney’s fees in the case of Gowder v. Chicago was granted following a successful NRA motion for summary judgment. The Gowder case challenged the constitutionality of a Chicago ordinance that banned people with certain non-violent misdemeanor convictions from possessing firearms in their homes for self-defense. Mr. Gowder had a misdemeanor conviction for “unlawful use of a weapon” (simply having a handgun on his person outside his own home). When Mr. Gowder wanted to possess a firearm in his home and sought a firearm permit (as is required by the Chicago ordinance), his application was denied. Even though his misdemeanor record did not prevent Mr. Gowder from obtaining a Firearm Owner’s Identification card, Mr. Gowder could not obtain the firearms permit necessary to possess a firearm in his own home because the law prohibited permits from being issued to anyone convicted of “an unlawful use of a weapon that is a firearm,” even if it was just a misdemeanor conviction.


In its June ruling on the summary judgment motion, the Court held that the “Chicago Firearm Ordinance does not provide a person of ordinary intelligence a reasonable opportunity to know what is prohibited, in that it does not define the term ‘unlawful use of a weapon.’ It appears that the City of Chicago merely borrowed from an Illinois criminal statute the term ‘unlawful use of a weapon,’ which sounds extremely serious on its face, but in reality can include simple unlawful possession.”

Although the Court was not required to consider whether the ordinance violated the Second Amendment (because it already determined that the ordinance was unconstitutionally vague), the Court nonetheless considered the U.S. Supreme Court decisions of District of Columbia v. Heller (which declared that a ban on handgun possession in the home violates the Second Amendment) and McDonald v. Chicago (which declared that the Second Amendment is fully applicable to the States), and held that the Chicago ordinance violated the Second Amendment as well.


According to the Court, the firearm ordinance did “not differentiate between those who have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor, or between those who have been convicted of a violent or non-violent crime, and thus the denial of a [firearm permit] does not find valid foothold in statutory history.” The effect of the ordinance “is to forever strip certain persons residing in Chicago of their constitutional right to protect themselves in their own homes, including, for example, a person convicted forty years ago of simply possessing a firearm (and not unlawfully using it against another).”


After evaluating the ordinance under a text, history, and tradition analysis, as well as a under the more conventional tests of strict scrutiny and intermediate scrutiny, the Court held that the ordinance was unconstitutional under any legal standard of review.


This is another great win for the NRA’s team of attorneys, fighting in courts across the country for our right to keep and bear arms.


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The laser sight evolution. Where are you?

Help us put together an evolutionary time line for laser sight users.  What processes take place until we finally buy that laser sight.  Like for example.

After years of shooting with open sights I thought….

My friend has a gun just like mine but with a laser…..

The gun at the shop had an option for about $….

Just felt like a laser…


Help me out.  What were your thoughts?  What made you com over to the light side?

Crimson Trace 201 rail master

pistols, rifles, and shotguns with M1913 Picatinny or Weaver Accessory Rail
including: • 1911 Government or Commander with Rail • AR-15/M16 or similar
rail-equipped long guns • Beretta PX4 Full Size and Compact, 92Vertec • GLOCK
3rd Gen 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35, 38 • GLOCK 4th Gen 17 and 19 •
Heckler & Koch (HK) P30, 45, 45C • Ruger SR9, SR40, SR9c, SR40c • Sig Sauer
P220, P226, P229 • Smith & Wesson M&P Full-Size and Compact • Smith
& Wesson SD • Springfield Armory XD and XD(M) • Taurus Millennium Pro, 24/7
• Most other rail-equipped pistols with a minimum of 1 1/16″ from recoil


All will work in our Standard Holster in black or brown.  We have two sizes a 4″ as well as a five inch.

Do you have any comments on the Crimson Trace 201 Rail Master?


Press Release ImageNEW LASERGUARD® FOR TAURUS MILLENNIUM PRO The Crimson Trace® Laserguard® increases the flexibility of this already versatile pistol, adding an instinctively activated laser sight to the available options. Constructed of the same material as the pistol’s frame, the Laserguard shrugs off recoil and maintains zero, even if fitted to the 21 oz, .45 ACP Millennium Pro. Fitting seamlessly to the frame, the Laserguard’s slim profile matches the Millennium Pro’s width, ensuring that the pistol is easily concealed and holstered.

Technical Specs

  • Activation Instinctive Activation; Front
  • Material Rugged Hard Polymer
  • User Adjustable Both Windage and Elevation
  • Master On/Off Switch None
  • Design Ultra-Compact 3.3mm Diode
  • Warranty 3 Years Complete
  • Beam Intensity 5mw peak, 633nm, class IIIa laser. Maximum output that federal law and technology allow.
  • Dot Size Approximately 0.5″ diameter at 50 feet.
  • Power Source Either two #357 silver oxide batteries or a single 1/3N 3 volt lithium battery

This was written by our friends at laser sight pro.


Have this?  Do you like it?

Viridian. The big green.

Viridian Green Laser Sights is the manufacturer of the popular green laser sights for both full-size and compact pistols. They have now just released the world’s smallest weapon-mounted tactical light, the new CTL, which stands for Compact Tactical Light.This new rail-mounted LED light is designed to tuck neatly between trigger guard and muzzle of any railed handgun, including subcompacts, with no overhang. Even the smaller concealed-carry pistols can now carry extreme illuminating power. With 100 lumens of brilliant white light or 140 lumens of intimidating and disorienting strobe light, all packed into a sleek, miniature body, the new CTL is not to be taken lightly. This little pistol-companion is just as tough and versatile as any Viridian’s previous innovative green laser sights, including the C5 and C5L compact lasers. This light, just like the other C Series products, is built with the same aircraft grade hard-anodized aluminum construction. It also has multi-programmable light and strobe, floodlight type close-quarter combat lens, and exclusive ECR (Enhanced Combat Readiness) function that works with TacLoc holsters, which activate the high-output LED when the pistol is drawn from the holster. The new compact CTL fit practically and pistol with a rail.
Compact Light for Pistols         rifle laser sight
Without further hesitation, Viridian also launched a valuable modification to their popular X5L pistol green laser/light combo tactical laser system. The new X5L-RS now gives rifle owners the same power as pistol bearers the hosted the all-powerful X5L laser/light system. The RS modification adds a pressure switch to the laser unit which extends back closer to the rifles trigger for easy activation access. The laser unit itself slides onto the rifles tactical rail (sold separately). For military and law enforcement, the X5L-RS is one of the best tactical accessories money can buy. Green lasers can be seen in daylight, and with the bright LED light, this unit helps tactical forces both day and night. The green laser can be seen up to 100 yards in daylight, and up to 2 miles at night. The bright LED light produces 154 lumens on continuous mode, and 187 lumens on strobe mode. Click Here for more information. 

Remember, visit Springtac Holsters for the holster.

Springfield XD

Do you have one?  Tell others about yours.  Good time to share your  experiences so others can too or don’t have too.  Be a friend