October, 2012

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Yet another reason for laser sights and Springtac Holsters

From our friends at LaserMax LaserMax.com

Whether for Law Enforcement professional or a civilian protecting their home
and family, equipping a firearm with a laser sighting device can provide the
extra confidence and technical advantage to succeed.

Train faster
Lasers help new shooters learn sight, picture, and trigger control much
more quickly. Trigger and muzzle discipline are readily reinforced,
through both live and dry fire. The unique LaserMax features promote
good firearm safety habits.

Control the night
Trouble comes at night. Be ready. Lasers greatly assist aiming in low light,
stress fire conditions, shooting accuracy and speed. The LaserMax red laser
is designed for use outdoors between dusk and dawn and inside around
the clock. Some users even report that aggressors gave up their threatening
behavior when they saw the pulsating dot. Users also report near perfect
hit ratios – even in stress fire situations!

Take advantage of cover
Lasers allow accurate shooting from behind cover and concealment.
Take advantage of full cover behind ballistic shields, automobile engine
blocks and other available barriers with first shot confidence. Should
someone have to shoot from a prone position or with a weak hand,
lasers ensure accurate shot placement.

Compensate for diminishing eyesight
Between the ages of 40 and 50 years people start to lose the ability
to change focus from distant to close objects. Many shooters give up when
this happens. Don’t! Use a laser, and focus on the target.

Transcend all language barriers
The meaning of a red or green dot is universal. No matter what language
they speak, the aggressor knows they are targeted. Plus, “the good guys”
know you’ve got them covered, too. The whole situation can change
when you turn on that red or green dot.

Check out the Springtac Holsters concealment holsters for laser sighted weapons.

The Basics of Laser Sights

From science fiction to firearm fact, lasers have become an integral part of defensive handgun shooting.

Read this article from our friend and writer for American Rifleman B. Gil Horman

Laser sight article from American Rifleman 9/19/2011

Conceal carry with a laser sight attached.

Lets be honest for a minute.  When “it” hits the fan its not likely your are going to be in your best form.  Most of us practice diligently, many do not.  We practice form, tap, slap, reload, target acquisition.and other stuff to make us better shooters. Rarely, even if allowed at your range, do we practice our draw, follow through, or holstering.  

Fact of the matter is a laser sight can flat out help you hit a target better from a less than perfect position.  I’ve tested it my self, and there is no doubt a laser sight helps.  How do you feel about a laser sight. What do you feel are the pros and cons? 
Check out this video. from Crimson Trace youtube video from Crimson Trace.

LaserMax Centerfire for Beretta Nano.

Smooth sleek lines.  I got to play with Adams.  I didn’t get to shoot it but it appears to be the same construction as the other LaserMax Centerfire series I have used.  Adam seems overjoyed with it after shooting several hundred rounds.  Any other users? How did it handle for you?

Remember our Springtac Mini is the perfect fit for the Beretta Nano with the LaserMax Centerfire laser sight.

LaserMax and whats happening

LaserMax puts out some nice stuff.  Their Centerfire Series works well.  They are small and easy to install.  We have actually worked with LaserMax in the past and made sure our new concept in holster design works with their product. In short, we have confirmed the fit of their lasers for Rugers LCP, LC9, S&W Shield, and recently the Beretta Nano. 

We like their ambidextrous on/off switch which is easy to access with the trigger finger or the off hand index finger.  Some will say they don’t like constant on of off switches.  That does not have to be the case with the Centerfire Series.  Thinking and training will make that a non issue.
Usually priced aggressively, easy to find, and work well for us.  I cannot comment on their customer service as we have not had any issues with their products that require interaction with CS.  Their marketing team however, are top notch professionals who are Johnny on the spot.

Welcome to Springtac Holsters. Our Mission

Welcome to the Springtac Holster Blog.  On this Blog we will attempt to provide you with a fresh source of information on Springtac Holsters and relevant information about the ever changing world of laser sights and tac lights.  This area is growing in popularity and changes almost daily.  We try as best we can to follow those changes and post those changes here.  We are not sponsored or endorsed by anyone and are not obligated to any laser sight or tac light manufacturer so we can tell it like it is.  Having said that remember our primary focus is Springtac Holsters.

Remember, Springtac Holsters are different by design.  You will have to think outside of the norm to see if our product is for you.  We don’t build a gun bucket with a strap.  We have a new concept, and one that seems to be working rather well for hundreds of people.
Feel free to ask your questions here, remember you may think your questions, concerns, or comments may actually address issues that other people, who, for whatever reason, are uncomfortable posting.  So go ahead, there really are no stupid questions. 

Springtac Standard

At Springtac Holsters we have worked hard to make concealed carry of your tac rail weapon easy.  What good is a tac rail if your not going to use it?  Then again, why would you put stuff on your tac rail if you can’t carry it?  Springtac Holsters, opening a whole new world of concealed carry with tac rail accessories attached.

Crimson Trace and Springtac Holsters

Crimson Trace ® Has come up with a few new products that are worth noting.

LG469 is for the hot new Springfield XD-S a single stack .45 ACP Springfield’s new XD-S
Crimson Trace LG-469
And (this one excites me)
A trigger guard mount laser sight for a (oh life is good) 1911
Crimson trace 1911 line up

Finding the right holster for laser sighted weapons.

It’s the same old story.  You you buy a weapon with a tac rail.  You join the ranks of the laser sight crowd. Oh happy day, right? until the bubble is burst when you try to find a holster. Especially if you are looking for a holster to conceal carry.  Custom, yeah right, two hundred dollars and six weeks? Not.

Springtac Holsters. Different for a reason.

Welcome to Springtac Holsters Blog

Hello Fans of laser sighted weapons

Springtac Holsters has been around for just over two years now. We started with a simple concept that worked very well.  That concept was. Develop a totally new holster design that would carry a laser sighted weapon.  Simply put we ourselves had a need that wasn’t being met by anyone at that time.
From that simple idea we grew and developed a system of holsters that.
Conceal carry a weapon with a laser sight or tac light attached.
Will not collapse when you draw your weapon. Stays open to re-holster.
Does not look like a holster when accidentally exposed.
Two standard sizes. 3 to 4″ for compacts and long for up to 5 1/2″ barrels.
Three styles. Standard in two sizes, Mini, and Pocket Mini for LCP sized weapons.
Adjustable. You can adjust the holsters grip on the weapon.
Ambidextrous carry. You choose right or left hand
Two popular colors. Black or brown
Adaptable. No longer do you need a different holster for every weapon.
Lifetime warranty on material and workmanship.